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Onyx Fireplace Surround

October 3, 2009 Home Charms No Comments
Oynx Fireplace Surround

Oynx Fireplace Surround

When we remodeled our small 40 year old single story ranch style home in Boca Raton a few years back, we decided to decorate and design it to match our lifestyle and use top of the line materials, as we were not designing for resale, but for our own enjoyment.  We, or at least I, thought that we would be there till we went to the old age home.  Our home was on a canal just off the Intracoastal Waterway, and in our neighborhood, older homes were bought for land value, bulldozed, then McMansions were built in their place because of the limited amount of waterfront property.   So we knew whoever bought our home would probably bulldoze it, so we really made it warm, cozy, and inviting to fit our tastes.  And since the home was on the small size, but using higher end materials, we did not spend that much as we were buying smaller quantities.

I think the most dramatic feature was the fireplace surround which my husband built.  We had ripped out the dingy grey carpet, and replaced it with a beautiful hardwood floor that resembled the inside of an old yacht.  It was 3″ wide Brazilian cherry and 1″ wide red oak striped, with an exotic wood Rosette dividing the living and dining area.  My husband made the surround out of the same Brazilian cherry used on the floor, and even curved the edges of the mantel and the raised hearth (he knows I’m kind of on the klutzy side, so he didn’t want me to bang into the sharp corners if he made it square).

He then took gold onyx 12″ squares with a honey colored vein running through them, and back lit the surround.  First he took a mirror cut to fit, then acrylic square rods for spacers, ran white rope light around the rods, then a sheet of glass cut to fit on top to hold everything together, then the onyx squares were trimmed to fit and glued in place.  When you flipped the light switch, it gave off the most beautiful and warm glow of melted honey on butter.  It made for a beautiful ambient light in the room, and when there was a fire burning, it was truly a magnificent site.

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