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Oprah’s “No Phone Zone”, Take the Pledge

January 19, 2010 News of the Day No Comments

Oprah's No Phone ZoneMonday’s Oprah show (Jan. 18, 2010) had a great message for all of us to heed, distracted driving while using your cell phone and/or texting can kill.  On the show were family members who had lost loved ones, and one young man who was responsible for killing 2 men, both of them loving fathers and husbands.  One shocking thing the young man said was that in his Driver’s Ed class in high school, the instructor never mentioned that using a cell phone or texting while driving could be dangerous (or so he stated).  This show should be shown in every Driver’s Ed class.  Photos of the crashes were shown, and family members spoke of the pain now in their lives with the loss of a loved one.  Oprah has a pledge form you can sign on her website www.Oprah.com, and the link to the particular show script is http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/End-Distracted-Driving.

I personally do not use my cell when driving, actually, I am one of the few people that just keep my phone in my purse for emergencies, and usually don’t even have it turned on.  But I do get infuriated when I’m on the road and other people pull out in front of me, swerve into my lane, etc. and when I see the driver, nine times out of ten, they are talking on a cell phone, and even more infuriating, they continue on their merry way as if unaware that they almost killed or severely injured another human being.

If you use your cell phone or text when driving, or if your son, daughter, family member, or friend uses their phone or texts while driving, urge them to go to Oprah’s site at the link http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/End-Distracted-Driving and, if you can, sit down with them and watch/read it together.  There are photos and short videos of the show as well on that link.  If we can just save one person’s life by doing this, think how many lives will be affected.

Other important links to get more information on the topic that are listed on Oprah’s site are:  Distraction.gov and FocusDriven.org

Please read the article on Oprah.com and save a life.

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