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About La-Di-Da Ladies

Welcome to La-Di-Da Ladies!  We are an upbeat and positive site bringing you information, fun facts, recipes, discussions, and a wealth of other assorted tid-bits that we hope you find interesting and often times amusing.  Put together by a “fabulously fifty” woman from Texas, this site is not only for those women in their fabulous fifties, but all women and men (we don’t discriminate if men want to join in the fun) who enjoy life and want to learn new things, share thoughts and ideas, and all in all love life.

The La-Di-Da Ladies founder is Miss Agnes, born and raised in Texas where I lived for 34 years.  After I married my husband, we moved to south Florida, then slowly moved our way up to central Florida for a total of 23 years.  We then we visited Louisiana for several months, and now “back home” in Florida.  Starting in the last stop on the mainland way back in 1986, Miss Agnes and her husband now reside in northeast Florida, in a small town that really reflects “Old Florida” with old oak trees with Spanish moss hanging from their giant limbs, swaying in the breeze.  I know, most people move south, to escape the cold winters.  We have moved north to get to a cooler climate from the heat of south Florida.

La-Di-Da Ladies we define are those with Southern gentility with attitude (our own spin on the definition).  Think Scarlet O’Hara.  We have our way of doing things and saying things and hope that they please everyone, but as we all know, you can’t please everyone, so if we can’t please everyone, then “La-Di-Da”.

Also seen defining “La-Di-Da” as the sound a carefree creature makes on a relaxing day when the wind blows softly and the dew drops on the flowers twinkle brightly.  Well, you can almost smell the jasmine and magnolia blossoms as you sip your mint julep on the front porch swing.

We welcome you to join our community discussions, bring forth your ideas and suggestions, share your recipes, helpful hints, stories, decorating successes (and failures), post and upload photos of your favorite things and pets, and have a good time.

Our recipes and ideas that we post may have come from hand written cards in recipe tins, passed down through families and friends, scraps of magazine articles where we no longer know who or what magazine first supplied the recipe or idea, emails sent from different parts of the world that circulated and found their way here, and so on.  We will always try to give credit to the person who originated the item.  But if we print a recipe, idea, or suggestion that you may have seen somewhere else and we didn’t acknowledge the author, it is because we did not have that information, but we hope that the author is just happy to see their idea shared.

Recipe Roundup: A collection of recipes we have either concocted, had passed down from family and friends, or circulated to us via email or the internet.  Please contribute to our “Recipe Roundup” with your favorite recipes.  You can also upload a photo of the finished dish for our readers to see.

Critter Corner: Calling all pets and animal friends!  We will be posting photos and articles about our pets, and stories and articles about other special, unusual, heroic, funny, or otherwise interesting pets and animals.  Post your favorite pet or animal photo or story.

Art of Dining: Here we will present ideas, photos, articles, and interesting stories about creative and decorative dining tablescapes, entertaining decorations, suggestions, special events, etc. to make your dining experience unique and one of a kind.

Garden Gazebo: Here we will present our own garden experiences and photos, ideas, suggestions, and so on either from our own gardens or things we have seen in our travels, circulated on the internet, or passed on to us from our family and friends.  You are welcome to post your garden photos and techniques, suggestions, successes (even failures) so we can all learn to have that elusive “green thumb”.

Home Charms: Here we will present home decorating and remodeling ideas, many from our own experiences, or from our “dream list”, photos, suggestions, what to do and what “not” to do, visiting our friends and relatives, and/ or circulated on the internet.  You are welcome to post your decorating ideas and photos so that we can become more knowledgeable and make our home lives more livable and beautiful.  Simply charming!

Life on the River:  Since my husband and I were married, we have almost always lived on some type of water; be it an inland lake, canal off the Intracoastal Waterway, or river.  There are a couple of instances when we didn’t, but the call of the water was always there.  It has such a calming presence about it, and we hope to bring you articles and photos of what it is like for those fortunate enough to live on or near the water.

Trivia Tidbits: Here are stories and little known facts that we have garnered from different places and people which give us just a little more info about the world we live in.  Great for conversation starters at parties and gatherings.  You may want to share your treasure trove of little know facts, and make life a little more interesting for all of us.

Story Time: A collection of short stories to entertain you.  Some are written by our La-Di-Da Ladies, some have been sent to us from friends and acquaintances over the internet, and you are invited to share your stories as well.  They can be fact or fictional, amusing or intriguing, or just something you think our community would enjoy reading.

Quote of the Day: This may be a quote from a famous person or celebrity, or maybe from an unknown author.  The quote may pertain to a specific holiday or time of year, or it may be inspirational or funny.  You never know what the Quote of the Day may be.  Be sure and check the site daily to find out.

Policy: If you don’t agree with us or anyone in our community or guests, please keep your negative comments to yourself, as we said before, we are an upbeat and positive site.  We want to hear your comments, stories, suggestions, recipes, and such.  The rules:  Keep it clean, and stay on the subject or we might delete your comment.  If you see inappropriate language, email us.  An asterisk * indicates a required field.

Please Note: We hope to personally add new posts daily, but work and travel may interrupt us sometimes, so if you don’t see a new post on any given day, don’t worry, we haven’t gone anywhere, just taking a short break to contemplate being a “La-Di-Da Lady”.

Well here we go!

Hot Flashes in the Pan YouTube Videos

Hot Flashes in the Pan YouTube Videos

Critter Corner

Alligators In Our Yard!

July 17, 2012

  You have to look real close, but the gator is resting behind the sago palm and the water’s edge.  Needless to say, I too these photos from inside the house and did not go out to get a closer inspection. The Alligator Trapper caught “the big one” which was 12 foot plus.  Here he […]

Back Again After a Short Break

February 2, 2012

Dear Family, Friends, Subscribers, and Visitors, I’ve been remiss in not posting very much since Thanksgiving of 2011, and I know you have wondered where the “Hot Flashes in the Pan” videos have been.  You will be glad to know that I will be focused more on bringing all types of new information, articles, videos, […]

Shepherd in a Manger

November 20, 2011

  Found on the Internet / Facebook: A Nativity Scene was erected in a church yard. During the night, someone came across this. An abandoned dog was looking for a comfortable, protected place to sleep. He chose baby Jesus as his comfort. No one had the heart to send him away so he was there […]

Tale of the Missing Socks

September 17, 2011

My cat Penelope wears socks.  Yes, you heard correctly, socks.  She’s a little over 15 years old now and has arthritis in her back legs.  This causes her to be a little unsteady when using the litter box.  Sometimes, not always, but sometimes after she tinkles she looses her balance and steps in the clump of […]

Pets and the Joy They Bring

September 16, 2011

Having a pet, be it a cat, dog, bird, fish, horse, pig, or whatever furry creature you relate to, is a positive and healthy experience.  Studies have proven that they can extend our lives, lower our blood pressure, and pretty much make us feel good all over because they give us unconditional love. You may […]